ND Dual-Credit Tuition Scholarship

This scholarship rewards college students for taking dual-credit coursework as a high school student. To qualify, students must meet the eligibility criteria, complete an application with the ND University System (NDUS), and provide all supporting documentation.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must:

  • Have graduated from a high school in this state, or a high school in a bordering state covered under state law (N.D.C.C. 15.1-29), or have graduated from a nonpublic high school in a bordering state while residing with a custodial parent in this state, or have completed a program of home education under N.D.C.C. 15.1-23, and
  • Have completed at least one dual-credit course provided by a NDUS institution while enrolled in high school or a program of home education, and
  • Be currently enrolled at an institution of higher education in ND, and
  • Have completed at least one semester, quarter or term at an institution of higher education in the state.

The NDUS will award the Dual-Credit Tuition Scholarship throughout the academic year. Scholarship award amounts will not exceed $750. The maximum payment will be no more than 50% of the cost of the dual-credit course(s), and will be limited to the cost of tuition and fees for the semester, quarter or term the scholarship applies. This scholarship may be used for post-secondary enrollment at any ND state public, private, tribal or proprietary institution. Payments will generally be issued to the student’s institution the following semester, quarter, or term enrolled after application.

If you have questions, please contact the NDUS at or 701-328-2964.

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