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Albin and Emma Anderson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Donald E. Anderson in memory of his parents Albin and Emma Anderson. Alba and Emma were lifetime farmers on a homestead established by Albin’s father in 1882. Emma was an elementary school teacher in Dickey County Schools in the...

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Al & Peggy Gustin

Al and Peggy Gustin have created a scholarship to assist students at North Dakota State University to further their education and subsequent careers in the field of agricultural communication. Al Gustin graduated from NDSU in 1969 with a BS degree in...

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Anderson Family Scholarship

The best way to change the world is to reach out and help the person next to you. Education changes your life and those you will be able to help. Go and change the world.

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Anthony and Zona Walter

Tony (1913-2012) graduated from NDSU in 1939. He worked at the Service Drug in Fargo, was a dorm proctor, played in the Gold Star Band and was a member of the Kappa Psi pharmacy fraternity. He served in the U.S. Navy, and was transferred to the Marines, as a medical...



Leonard Astrup and Donald Spoonheim graduated from NDSU Pharmacy School in 1949. At graduation, Leonard met Donald’s sister, Corrine, and within years the two pharmacists were brothers-in-law. Len moved to Austin the the fall of 1952 where he founded Sterling Drug....

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Barbara and Richard Leyden

I am forever grateful for the excellent education I received at North Dakota State University. The basic and advanced musical skills, educational methods and conducting have served me well over a long career in teaching, performing and liturgical music ministry....

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Barbara B. North and Mary Hadley

The scholarship is intended for students who will be or already are a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist prior to starting their advanced degree. Priority would be given to students who have already attained their registration as a dietitian/nutritionist. However, if...


BenVern and Marjorie Klug Scholarship

Ben and Marjorie have created a scholarship endowment to assist students at North Dakota State University to further their education and subsequent careers. Ben and Marjorie graduated from Interstate Business College in Fargo and had lifetime careers at SuperValu...

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Betty Dahm Patterson Leadership Pharmacy Scholarship

As a graduate of the NDSU College of Pharmacy, I received an excellent education leading to the practice of pharmacy. In addition, I had numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills through a variety of campus activites, including serving as Co-Chair of...


Betty Lou Scott Performing Arts Scholarship

The NDSU Music Department has grown to a national recognition and admiration. The talent is deep within the organization; therfore, i am pleased to support the student’s endeavor of music within this fine university. -Betty Lou Scott ’63

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Beverley Baldwin Microbiology Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honor and memory of Beverley Baldwin, a brilliant microbiology educator and mentor, who inspired generations of scientists. Beverley was a tenured Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiological Sciences (formerly Veterinary and...


Bill and Geri Harbeke Agricultural Scholarship

This scholarship endowment fund is being set up in memory and in honor of our parents, Tony & Ella Harbeke and Harold & Helen Van Dyke. They were all farmers, and all four Harbeke children attended NDSU. It is our desire to continue supporting agriculture through...


Bob and Claudette Sutton Scholarship

Bob and Claudette Sutton have created a scholarship endowment to assist students at North Dakota State University to furhter their education and subsequent careers. Claudette was a KD, Bob an SAE and they established this scholarship as a way oif thanking NDSU for...

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Brad and Kim Kraft

Brad and Kim have established a scholarship to support driven North Dakota State University College of Business students to help achieve their goals and dreams. Brad was fortunate to receive scholarships while he attended NDSU and believes it is important to not wait...


Brent ('70) and Mary ('79) Qualey Nursing Scholarship

Brent and Mary Qualey feel nurses play a special role in healthcare and have personally withnessed excellent nursing with family members. Knowing that some students have a difficult time financing their education, they are thankful to be able to create this award.


Brian A. Bachmeier Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship

The fund has been created to assist students who have a passion for learning and the desire to improve the lives of others through the application of the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Brian A. Bachmeier graduated with a BSEEE degree from NDSU in 1985...


Brosz Engineering Scholarship

Brosz offers a wide range of civil engineering, architecture, material testing and land surveying services throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska. Brosz Engineering, Inc. has been providing services since 1982 and operates offices in...

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Carl and Jerri Hall Pfiffner

The Donors are establishing this scholarship fund in memory of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. President Reagan’s goal was to reinvigorate the American people to reduce their reliance upon Government. Principles which guided his presidency...


Cavendish Farms Scholarship

Cavendish Farms is dedicated to producing food in a safe and sustainable manner for many generations forward. Recognizing that Agricultural Education and Development is a key component for future success, Cavendish is excited to be part of the molding for the Future...


CHA Endowment

This scholarship is for a student who demonstrates outstanding character through work ethic, scholarstic ahievement, and leadership. The Hawleys are giving this scholarship to pay forward a scholarship Chris received 15 years ago when he needed it most. They...


Circle of Players Endowed Scholarship

The Circle of Players Endowed Scholarship was created by Donald E. Larew, Professor Emeritus – NDSU Little Country Theatre and the Circle of Players Board in support of scholarships for NDSU Theatre majors.


Clinton B. and Ardella A. Larson Scholarship

Agriculture and education offers many career choices. North Dakota needs North Dakotans to expand their knowledge and contacts to lead the way in new and improved methods in agriculture and education. We feel post-secondary education is extremely important and...

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CNH Industrial Agricultural Scholarship

The CNH Industrial Foundation believes in supporting the educational pursuits of the next generation of professional in agriculture.

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CNH Industrial Engineering Scholarship

The CNH Industrial Foundation believes in supporting the educational pursuits of the next generation of engineering professionals.


Darrell and Carol Tuntland Endowed Scholarship

The donors value the education they received at North Dakota State University. With this endowed scholarship, they are recognizing the value of that education and are providing support for other students to realize their educational dreams at NDSU.

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David and Aileen Askegard Clough

The David and Aileen Askegard Clough Endowed Agriculture Scholarship was created to provide support for students who strive to seek success in the classroom and who wish to pursue a career in agriculture upon graduation. The Clough family has a long connection to...

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David and Barbara Cook

In our modern prosperous world, society has a moral and ethical obligation to provide food for all peoples. With that in mind, Dave and Barb Cook are pleased to create an endowed fellowship at NDSU to support the advancement of agriculture and food production through...

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David and Connie Sprynczynatyk

David and Connie (Naaden) Sprynczynatyk, recognizing the excellent education they received at NDSU and the opportunities that education opened in their careers, have established this renewable scholarship to encourage future NDSU students to learn, explore, and...

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David Hopkins

Michael D. Sweeney (Mike) served the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES) and North Dakota farmers and irrigators for nearly 35 years from the mid-1950s through the early 1990s. His research focused on soil water dynamics and soil water compatibility...


Dean L. Rue Scholarship

This scholarship is to provide an opportunity for a student to attend the Engineering College, that is otherwise qualified, but would not be able to afford to attend college.