Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver

North Dakota State University is pleased to offer the Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver to qualified students from underrepresented ethnic groups, with priority given to the following: High financial need, Native Americans enrolled in federally recognized tribes, and first-generation college students. Due to the limited number of awards available, all students who meet the definition of cultural diversity are not guaranteed a Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than March 15th to be considered for this award. Students who are currently enrolled at NDSU are not eligible for this award.

Office of Admission
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you an enrolled member or direct descendent of an American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native and Villages?
  2. If you answered yes to question one, please list your tribal affiliation and state.
  3. If you answered yes to question one, please upload any documentation of your enrollment, which must be in the student's name. (Examples of acceptable documentation include but are limited to: Tribal Identification Card, Official Letter from Tribe, Certificate of Indian Blood)
  4. Have you attended a tribal college?
  5. If yes, did you graduate from a tribal college?