President Jim Ozbun Scholarship - Freshman

Students must be enrolled full time at NDSU at the time of disbursement. Preference will be given to those who have demonstrated involvement in entrepreneurial activities.

College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you declared any of the following programs?
  2. Do you intend to explore entrepreneurship while you are at NDSU (examples: through an Entrepreneurship course, club, other campus activities, or by working on starting your own business, etc.)?
  3. Do you plan to declare an Entrepreneurship Minor or get the Certificate in Entrepreneurship?
  4. Please describe any past experience, or future interests you have in entrepreneurship. Include any work experience, coursework, extracurricular activities, or other innovative activities demonstrating a passion and/or interest in entrepreneurship.(500 word maximum)
  5. Did you take ENTR 201 for dual credit while in high school?